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Computer science improves gene therapies

Researchers from Harvard Medical School have developed a computer model that can improve the prediction of which cell sources are best for gene therapies. This is extremely good news for genetic drug development. What is even better is that the researchers published their methods and code in detail, ensuring the use and further development of their method: This is one of many examples of how medicine and computer science work together.

Thanks to computer technologies such as machine learning, the speed of medical advancement is ever increasing. The amount of medical literature is growing exponentially, with almost 1 million indexed citations added to MEDLINE in 2020. The continued improvement of medical treatment is astounding, however, the amount of literature published every month can seem impossible to get an overview of.

We at Silvi use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help professionals in pharma and medicine gain an overview of the latest developments and tendencies in medical research. Silvi provides a systematic overview of the literature and evidence in quick and easy steps.

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