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Knowledge library

Knowledge Library


Silvi offers a knowledge library, a combination of a systematic literature review and meta-analysis, giving a clear, detailed overview of the data on a topic. The knowledge library can include any and all relevant endpoints and parameters, including study design, quality of life, costs, payer decisions, etc. The knowledge library gives a thorough overview of the scientific area.


How can it help?

The knowledge library turns articles full of data into information. As a biotech startup, a pharma company creating a new drug, or a medical authority, the knowledge library gives a full overview of the chosen area. Once created it stays fully updated on all the chosen parameters and enables comparison to own data. The knowledge library is an excellent tool to onboard new colleagues and keep consultants up to date. It helps share knowledge with authorities, but most importantly it provides a scientific benchmarking making it easier to take data-driven go/no-go decisions in drug development.


The knowledge library consists of tables of information from the systematic literature review as well as the information and forest plots from the meta-analysis. It is connected to library search engine and is therefore updated to give an overview of the newest published literature. Machine learning extracts the data from the PDFs and the integration to the statistical analysis tool “R” ensures a quick processing of data.

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