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Literature Review

Literature review


A systematic literature review is a systematic, transparent overview of literature on a topic. It reviews all the literature published as to avoid selection bias. At Silvi, we deliver systematic literature reviews that live up to Cochrane and EUnetHTA guidelines, ensuring the highest quality of data, and making sure it’s easy to gain an overview through fully updated tables of data. Whether working in fields pharma, biotech, or device, as well as medical authorities, systematic literature reviews are the best tool to get a full overview on a scientific area.


How can it help?

The systematic literature review at Silvi is always fully updated, as it is directly connected to literature engines. This means it includes the newest published literature, and that new literature can be added to the review as it gets published. The systematic literature review can be adjusted for the necessary level of approval to ensure blinded decision making. Just enter the number of approvals needed in the decision process.


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