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Our vision

Enjoy first, pay later

We have developed and fine-tuned Silvi to be a tool we love dearly, and we think you will love it too. That's why we give every user a two-week free trial to test out our system before needing to pay.


We only want you to pay for something you enjoy using. If you don't, no harm done, we will delete your account after your free trial. But we have a feeling you'll love Silvi just as much as we do.

We protect your data 

Your data will always be safe with Silvi. We understand that you may be working on a project including sensitive data or business secrets, and that is why we will never, ever sell your data to anyone. Ever. 

We proudly live up to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and we value the privacy of our users. 

We value students

We believe that all literature overview projects are equal, and that includes those made by students. We realise, however, that most students do not have the same financial resources as fulltime employees. For this reason, we offer Silvi to students for a highly reduced price.

With Silvi, students do not get a restricted or limited package - they get the full software. If you are working on a Master Thesis, it needs to be just as scientifically valid as any other project. 


With that said, we hope our student users will come to love Silvi and keep using our system once they are hired in a professional role. 

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