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What is

Silvi is an end-to-end screening and data extraction tool supporting Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis.


Silvi helps create systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses that follow Cochrane guidelines in a highly reduced time frame, giving a fast and easy overview. It supports the user through the full process, from literature search to data analyses. Silvi is directly connected with databases such as PubMed and and is always updated with the latest published research. It also supports RIS files, making it possible to upload a search string from your favorite search engine (i.e., Ovid). Silvi has a tagging system that can be tailored to any project.


Silvi is transparent, meaning it documents and stores the choices (and the reasons behind them) the user makes. Whether publishing the results from the project in a journal, sending them to an authority, or collaborating on the project with several colleagues, transparency is optimal to create robust evidence.


Silvi is developed with the user experience in mind. The design is intuitive and easily available to new users. There is no need to become a super-user. However, if any questions should arise anyway, we have a series of super short, instructional videos to get back on track.


To see Silvi in use, watch our short introduction video.

Short introduction video

Learn more about Silvi’s specifications here.

"I like that I can highlight key inclusions and exclusions which makes the screening process really quick - I went through 2000+ titles and abstracts in just a few hours"

Eishaan Kamta Bhargava 

Consultant Paediatric ENT Surgeon, Sheffield Children's Hospital

"I really like how intuitive it is working with Silvi. I instantly felt like a superuser."

Henriette Kristensen

Senior Director, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

"The idea behind Silvi is great. Normally, I really dislike doing literature reviews, as they take up huge amounts of time. Silvi has made it so much easier! Thanks."

Claus Rehfeld

Senior Consultant, Nordic Healthcare Group

"AI has emerged as an indispensable tool for compiling evidence and conducting meta-analyses. has proven to be the most comprehensive option I have explored, seamlessly integrating automated processes with the indispensable attributes of clarity and reproducibility essential for rigorous research practices."

Martin Södermark

M.Sc. Specialist in clinical adult psychology was founded in 2018 by Professor in Health Economic Evidence, Tove Holm-Larsen, and expert in Machine Learning, Rasmus Hvingelby. The idea for Silvi stemmed from their own research, and the need to conduct systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses faster.


The ideas behind Silvi were originally a component of a larger project. In 2016, Tove founded the group “Evidensbaseret Medicin 2.0” in collaboration with researchers from Ghent University, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, and other experts. EBM 2.0  wanted to optimize evidence-based medicine to its highest potential using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, but needed a highly skilled person within AI.

Around this time, Tove met Rasmus, who shared the same visions. Tove teamed up with Rasmus, and was created.

Our story

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