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Silvi helps create literature reviews quickly and easily. With our customizable tagging system, option for blinded screening and extractions, and live connection to search engines, Silvi lets you get an unbiased, continuously updated overview of the current literature on a topic. Silvi provides easy-to-use information tables of extracted data tailored to your needs. Silvi can store many projects at once on a large array of topics, leading to the potential for a large knowledge library.

Silvi provides fully updated evidence of the highest quality. We concur to all medical guidelines, and by using AI we decrease the time for solid evidence significantly.

Stays updated

Fast AI screening

Automatic PDF upload

PRISMA plots

Adherence to Cochrane

Costumisable tagging



Silvi is directly connected to sources such as Pubmed and, and lets you know when new articles that match your search string are available

Silvi supports fast screening using artificial intelligence, significantly cutting down time

Silvi scrapes the internet for article PDFs and automatically adds the available ones to the system

Silvi automatically creates PRISMA plots from your review that can then easily be added to a scientific article

Silvi delivers the highest quality of evidence, adhering to Cochrane and EUnetHTA guidelines for scientific evidence

Silvi’s customisable tagging system creates detailed information tables for any literature review

Silvi is a dynamic, intuitive system that is easy to get started with and never requires you to be a super-user

Silvi leaves all scientific decisions completely transparent, making it perfect for both scientific literature, on-boarding new employees, and picking up old projects

Silvi Rapid - Coming soon!

Silvi Rapid is our newest innovation. By adding more machine learning and natural language processing, Silvi Rapid will be able to make valid literature overviews in just a few hours. 

We can't wait until Silvi Rapid is ready for launch! Follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest updates. 

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