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Literature review:
Silvi helps create scientifically robust literature reviews quickly and easily. With our customizable tagging system, option for blinded screening and extractions, and live connection to search engines, Silvi lets you get an unbiased, continuously updated overview of the current literature on a topic. Silvi follows scientific guidelines and provides you with easy-to-use information tables of extracted data tailored to your needs.

Meta-analyses are the golden standard of evidence-based medicine, giving a transparent statistical analysis of the data in multiple scientific studies. Silvi has automatized much of the data-extraction process with machine learning, and together with the connection to search engines, Silvi enables faster and fully updated meta-analysis. Silvi is connected to several search engines such as PubMed and ClinicalTrials.gov to give an overview of both published results, and results still in the pipeline. Silvi optimizes all four phases of a meta-analysis (data import, screening, extraction, and analysis).

Knowledge library:
Silvi can store many projects at once on a large array of topics. The knowledge library combines systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses to give the most in-depth overview of a scientific topic. The knowledge library turns data into information: Silvi’s direct connection to search engines and integration of statistical analysis software ensures a complete and updating overview and analysis of the chosen topic.